Examples of applications

Properly secured products on pallets are safe during transport. The proven solutions offered by GREENSTRAP® guarantee safety and reliability in any conditions.

GREENSTRAP® is a brand of proven products that make securing loads on pallets very convenient. GREENSTRAP® is a part of the ERGIS Group, a manufacturer of industrial packaging and films that enjoys excellent reputation in the Central European market. Our range of various polyester tapes is intended for many types of transported materials. The photo gallery below shows only some examples of the possible uses of PET tapes and strips.

The GREENSTRAP® strips enable binding products of standard and non-standard shapes and sizes. PET tapes and strips are used in many industries. They can be used to tie loads of large sizes and weights. GREENSTRAP® has gained the trust of European businesses that manufacture building products and hydraulic parts, waste management companies, businesses in the wood industry, the furniture industry, the paper industry, and breweries.

The products intended for securing loads on pallets include, among others, smooth and corrugated PET tapes. For tying loads that are heavy and have sharp edges so that they are secure during transport and storage, smooth PET tapes work best. They have excellent strength properties. Corrugated tapes are considered to be even more resistant to ripping or cutting. They are recommended for binding loads whose volume may change over time, such as fresh wood.

GREENSTRAP® experts offer a full scope of advice to customers who have any problems selecting the optimum product for their needs.