Why Greenstrap®

Let us give you 6 reasons why you should choose our product. 

I.    Economic calculation – while keeping great parameters of steel band, the polyester strap allows reducing costs even by 70%. The PET strap price is much lower than the steel band price. You can also save on storage and transportation thanks to much lower weight. If you bind the strap by welding, you can avoid costs of purchasing clips while the welding itself gives a connection which is much stronger and reliable.

II.    Flexibility – Greenstrap® products have shown excellent shock absorbing properties; especially while undergoing the impact of external forces. They show good resistance to strokes and shocks, and maintain optimum tension for expandable or shrinkable loads.

III.    Safety – there is a small risk of hand injury for the personnel who clips and cuts load strapping bands. Load damages caused by the straps are also quite rare. Cutting the load strapping bands does not require any special tools.

IV.    Resistance to outdoor conditions – the polyester straps remain tense both while the load becomes displaced during transportation and when the load is strapped and stored outdoors in the free air environment, exposed to high insolation, in temperatures below 0 Co. The polyester straps keep their parameters in the range from -10 Co up to +60 Co. They resist UV rays and chemical factors. Contrary to steel bands, there is no rust problem - Greenstrap® products perform very well in the increased humidity conditions.

V.    No deformations – the polyester straps do not become deformed after straining as the stress obtained during clipping does not affect the strap deformation. One can risk saying that Greenstrap® “remembers” its technical properties and the function it must perform.

VI.    Greenstrap® is ECO – the strapping bands produced by us are absolutely environment-friendly. You can easily gather a worn polyester strap by rolling or bending. You can also easily cut it into small pieces and deliver for recycling.